Bestowing the blessings of the earth
from organic plant extracts onto your beautiful skin

Beautiful skin has moisture, sleekness and elasticity.
To keep it that way, daily skin care is a must.
It’s important to use skin care products suitable for your skin.
Since these products are applied directly to your bare skin, we strongly recommended selecting naturally-derived skin care products.
All of the ORMONICA skin care products are produced in our factory in Japan, which is certified by a French organic certification organization famous for its strictness.
The natural power in organic plants containing the earth’s rich power along with the healing effect taken from natural essential oils will bring back your skin’s original beauty.
Our products will help you maintain gently well-balanced, stress-free, and beautifully hydrated skin.

The fragrances of Ormonica’s skin care products are all derived from the natural essential oils used in their formulas. These natural fragrances combine with the healing powers of the organic compounds to refresh your body and mind, inside and out. Let the soothing fragrances renew your mind as our products replenish the condition of your skin!

ORMONICA Skincare Line | Main Components

Edelweiss Epilobium fleischeri Calendula
Edelweiss Extract Epilobium Fleischeri Extract Calendula Extract
Edelweiss is famous as an alpine plant with the power to survive in a harsh natural environment.This derived extract contains tannic acid and flavonoids to keep your skin healthy and create bounce and luster. This plant is called fireweed, a perennial plant that grows on the rocky slopes of the Swiss Alps at a height of 1,000m to 2,400m. Containing flavonoids and tannic acid, it adds moisture to your skin and prevents from becoming rough and dry. Calendula extract is obtained from the flowers of marigolds, contains carotenoids, saponins, flavonoids and the like. It helps alleviate skin troubles caused by external factors such as dryness.
frankincense ylangylang damaskrose
Frankincense Cananga Odorata Flower Oil Rosa Damascena Flower Water
Frankincense extract is obtained from tree sap of frankincense trees grown in the tropical arid zone, and it is referred to as “the oldest perfume”. It is well-known for its calming fragrance that helps deep breathing. Furthermore, it provides a total approach to preventing the signs of aging by preventing rough skin and giving the skin elasticity. Ylang-ylang extract is obtained from the flowers of ylang-ylang grown in the tropical rainforests, which is referred to as “the flower of flowers”. It is often used in aromatherapy due to its relaxing effects. It helps to restore the balance of natural oils and moisture in the skin. A damask rose is said to have the most elegant fragrance among the many kinds of roses. An aqueous extract is obtained through a steam distillation process. This extract has superior moisture retention and is easily absorbed by dry skin.