We at ORMONICA believe that what makes you beautiful is how you live your life.
We strive to live nestled in nature without any strain on the environment or on ourselves.
For example, knowing where and how our food is produced and how it tastes helps us realize how our food choices affect nature. Taking notice of these things will gradually improve our lives. Cosmetics are much the same!
Through more careful attention to ingredient selection and environmental impact, we aim to cultivate beauty from the inside out.
Human beings are also a part of nature, so we believe that naturally-derived materials should agree with our bodies.
For this reason, ORMONICA cares deeply about producing natural, organic products.
We sincerely commit ourselves to offering products with “Made in Japan” brand quality.
Why don’t you try something new for daily use?
It’s only natural that you’ll find something pleasing to you.

ORMONICACorporate Production Policy

Our company and all of its staff contribute to society by following our ten operating principles;

  1. Using organic materials as much as possible.
    *Specifically, using extracts from plants grown without any use of agrichemicals for a certain period in conformity to organic standards enforced in the European Union and the U.S.
  2. Using fresh materials as much as possible.
  3. Creating products containing 95% to 100%
    naturally-derived materials(including water).
  4. Not using petroleum-derived materials [laureth sulfates,pareth sulfates, parabens, polyethylene glycols(PEG), mineral oils], silicone and synthetic colorants.
  5. Not using any animal-derived materials.
  6. Not doing animal testing.
  7. Not using genetically-modified materials.
  8. Conducting patch testing.
  9. Keeping our whole production process environmentally friendly.
  10. Conducting strict quality and process control.
  11. It is prepared in the organic certification factory.



Great care for the quality and quantity of organic materials

Merely using naturally-derived materials doesn’t mean organic products.
ORMONICA uses highly-selected organic materialsto offer high quality products for customers’ reliable and comfortable use.


Natural lifestyle along with ORMONICA

By providing human and nature-friendly products,
ORMONICA supports a lifestyle in sync with nature without putting strain on the environment.
A pure, natural and wonderful life starts with organic materials.


Strict corporate production policies to keep our products’ high quality

The market is flooded with nominally organic products.
ORMONICA is conscientiously pursuing organic materials beyond European standards to produce high-quality products.
Naturally, ORMONICA chooses environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to package its products.

What is “ORMONICA”?

“OR” stands for “Organic” and “MONICA” is a representative female European name, derived from “St. Monica”. Europe is a leader in advanced organic agricultural products and Monica is the manifest image of a beautiful woman who loves this organic-conscious land. Our mission is to provide a natural life style to healthy organic enthusiasts and beautiful women who love nature.