We propose a lifestyle with a theme of Beauty, Health and Environment.

ABS was founded in 1996 as an advertising production company, and, using our know how, we have made products that have benefitted many people. To meet future needs in the beauty product market, we set up our ABS ECO Division in order to develop authentic organic products largely focused on the theme of Beauty, Health and Environment.
With our slogan, ‘For a spiritual wellbeing’ we offer products to our customers that help achieve the perfect balance between inner and outer beauty with the message that all women can feel beautiful on the outside and on the inside. To realize this, we continue to provide authentic organic products for daily use at reasonable prices.





Aiming for an Organic Life

In this generation, truly organic products are in high demand.
We’ve all heard “you are what you eat.” Our bodies and minds are created from what we eat every day. Recently, this concept has spread from what we eat to what we use in our daily lives as well.

I frequently visit a restaurant managed by a farmer who has been growing organic vegetables for a long time. The restaurant is always full of customers whenever I go there. These customers come seeking the restaurant’s specially served dishes made with the farmer’s fresh organic vegetables as the base ingredients --- ingredients which are usually quite hard to obtain.

Several years ago, one of my family members suffered from a serious disease. At that time, I was impressed by the importance of keeping and maintaining our health at all costs. It is not easy to keep our bodies healthy. It takes time and effort. The things we do repeatedly every day make up what we are. Like the natural environments of the world, once our health is destroyed, we cannot easily recover it again. If we consider our limited lifespans, there are no shortcuts to living out our precious lives.
Now I would like to share the thoughts I mentioned above with our customers and hope that everyone can spend healthy and beautiful lives.

Here we offer you our product brand ORMONICA. It would be our great pleasure if you try it and find it satisfying.

Thank you.

ABS ECO Division
ABS Co.,Ltd.
CEO Saburo Misuno


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